On April 28, the online premiere of the new series of IVECO T-Way trucks, which replaced the legendary Trakker model, took place.

The new IVECO heavy-duty truck family, the T-Way, can be easily distinguished from its predecessor, the Trakker, by the cab, which is designed in the spirit of the S-Way and X-Way vehicles already produced.

Cabs are available in short (AD) and long (AT) versions – with a standard or high roof.

In the interior, attention is drawn to the new dashboard with a turning display of the multimedia system and a multifunctional steering wheel. Between the new seats, it is possible to install a refrigerator with a built-in temperature control panel.

However, the main innovations of the T-Way are hidden under the cab. Let’s start with a stronger 10 mm thick frame and torsional stiffness of 177 kNm, which is the best parameter in the class. A 9-ton axle is installed in the front part. Also, there’s a brand new rear tandem suspension – 325 kg lighter than before and allowed to increase the ground clearance. Rear-wheel gearboxes are standard equipment here. The car received new disc brakes for the rear wheels.

The engine is a 13-liter Cursor 13 with a power capacity of up to 510 hp (which is 10 hp more than on the Trakker). On lighter versions, there’s also a Cursor 9 engine available. All engines are suitable for the Euro 6 standard, although, for some markets such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia, Euro 3/Euro 5 diesel models will be offered as well.

The engine works in tandem with an automated, 12-or 16-speed HI-TRONIC transmission. For the new model, it has received special off-road modes: Hill Holder – for assistance when starting on hills, Rocking Mode – for slippery roads, and Sgeer Mode – for driving at ultra-low speeds.

For more economical driving on paved roads, a new HI-CRUISE mode has been introduced, which combines predictive cruise control features, including EcoRoll coasting. All this reduces fuel consumption.

The IVECO T-Way is a fully connected vehicle offering new telematics services. Remote diagnostics can be performed using the Connectivity Box so the owner gets the opportunity to monitor the operation of each truck in the fleet. All this increases productivity and minimizes downtime, which ultimately has a positive impact on the total cost of truck ownership.

Another important innovation is the HI–TRACTION permanent, hydrostatic AWD system, which connects the front axle at speeds up to 25 km/h. It is available on the 6×4 and 8×4 truck chassis. As for trucks with permanent AWD (4×4, 6×6, and 8×8), now its model line is expanded with three new wheelbases – 4.0, 4.2, and 4.5m. In addition, a new sandwich power take-off box is installed, designed to transmit torque up to 2300 Nm.

Translated article. Original: autocentre.ua / autocentre.ua/news/sobytie/kompaniya-iveco-prezentovala-novyj-gruzovik-dlya-tyazhelyh-uslovij-t-way-video-1345040.html/amp Photo: Iveco


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