:ITC_MegaphoneShake: Please ensure you follow all these rules at ALL times while in a convoy! :ITC_MegaphoneShake:

Before the Convoy

C1. Ensure you are at the Convoy meeting place at the meeting time, and are ready to depart 20 minutes later, or whenever the CO says.
C2. Accept the TrucksBook load prior to joining the game, and ensure they are working. Ask in #help-desk if unsure!
C3. Ensure you have read the TruckersMP rules (https://truckersmp.com/rules) and the rules below prior to joining the convoy.

Convoy Meeting

C5. Ensure you are sensible when the convoy is meeting.
C6. NEVER ram others during the meeting period, or at any point during the convoy.
C7. If you are unready to depart (TB load not working, Technical issue etc) let the CO know ASAP, so we can possibly allow for extra time.
C8. Departure of the Meeting Place must be in accordance with the Departure Plan, with the CO at the front, followed by the order given. Do not change order unless authorized (you are put there for a reason.) See notes*

:ITC_Convoy:During the Convoy:ITC_Convoy:

C9. Drive professionally, safely, and with care. Ramming others on the convoy, or outside of it is not allowed and breaks rule C3.
C10. Do not overtake any other participant without permission from the CO.
C11. If you need fuel or need to stop let a CO know ASAP so we can stop at a fuel stop. The CO will ask regularly if anyone needs fuel, if you need fuel you must say so, so that we can plan for a stop.
C12. Leave a safe distance between you and the person in front. This means if they have to stop, you will not ram into them, and it will mean onlookers will not think you are ramming them. 100m is our standard distance from player to player, if said player tends to lag you can adjust your following distance accordingly. See notes*
C13. Keep the convoy in one lane.
C14. If you fall behind, try to speed up to reach us, and we will slow for you. If you have taken a wrong turn it is your responsibility to find your way back to the convoy.*

– CO stands for Convoy Organizer

C8a. If a convoy order is given, follow it. If no order is given, roll out in the same order as the meeting place (parking lot/side of the road), unless otherwise specified.

C8b. All convoy participants must take the correct cargo, and trailer configuration. If you are unsure which is correct, ask the convoy host.

C12a. Do not blame another convoy member for lagging into you, this is either your, or their computer/internet’s fault. If said player becomes a consistent problem with lag, they must move to the back of the convoy.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change.