We welcome you all to join us on this special occasion. To be informed about the convoy read more below.

Our special annual Christmas Convoy returns this year, bigger and better than ever!

Come join us during this magical season, whilst we haul goods across the nation!

Convoy Information:

More detailed information is available on our Discord Server.

  • Meeting Location: Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix Freight
  • Cargo: [1st Ice Cream], [2nd Generator Set], [3rd Wheel Loader]
Meeting Location Image

Convoy Requirements:

  • A single 53FT Reefer Trailer with no more than 3 axles.
  • It is highly advised that your truck is equipped with an engine rated above 500 Horsepower, or you may fall behind in the convoy.


Any trailer configuration larger than the aforementioned type. E.g. Doubles, Triples, etc.

Overtaking/Passing a convoy participant, without permission from a CO.

Transcription Of The Convoy:

Once the Convoy Leader (A member of the ITC CO Team) announces that it’s officially departure time, all drivers must depart in single file, following the aforementioned order and stay in their respective designated position throughout the entire convoy. Unless otherwise stated by a member of the ITC CO Team. All drivers keep a minimum distance of 100 Meters from the driver in front of them.

Convoy Route Transcript:

Once departure time has arrived and it is your turn to file out, you will be turning left out of the Phoenix Freight Depot to Magnolia St. Keeping a speed of around 25 MPH (40.2 KPH). Next will be a left turn to University Dr, then a right turn within a few hundred feet to S 24th St. A left turn onto Buckeye road, then a right turn to the on-ramp of Interstate 10. Once on Interstate 10, we will continue to roll, moving up the speed to 45mph (72.4 KPH) so all the drivers have time to get up to speed and maintain appropriate distances from each other. At the 757 mile mark we will begin to gain speed, reaching the target speed of 65 MPH (104.6 KPH), the normal convoy cruising speed. We will continue on Interstate 10 for several hundred miles, until we approach Los Angeles. Then we will merge into the far right lane at mile mark 434 and take the exit to Interstate 5 North – to Bakersfield. Immediately after (mile marker 425), merging into the 2nd lane from left and continuing North-West on Interstate 5 for many hundreds of miles. At mile marker 340 all drivers will smoothly merge into the far right lane, to take the overpass at the Interstate 5 and California State Route 99 junctions south of Bakersfield. South-East of Oakland, at mile marker 121 all drivers will smoothly merge into the far right exit lane, continuing Northward towards Sacramento on Interstate 5. At the City Limits of Sacramento, (mile marker 25) all drivers will smoothly merge into the far right exit lane to take exit 518 – East, and continue in the far right lane. At mile marker 11, stay in the far right lane and take exit 9 to Howe Ave and Power Inn Rd. At the intersection, turn right onto Power Inn Rd. At the intersection of Power Inn Rd and Fruitridge Rd, take a slight 45 degree left turn onto Fruitridge Rd and continue. At the intersection of Florin Perkins Rd and Fruitridge Rd, turn right onto Florin Perkins Rd. At the intersection of Depot Park, turn right, take the first exit at the round about. Turn left, in a few hundred feet turn left again into The Home Store to deliver your load. Congratulations, you made it!


Mile Mark = Miles remaining until the destination.


I am Cargran. A hard-working dedicated member of the community who oversees all operations and keeps things in order, while having fun at the same time.


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