On January 7th, 2023 the ITC Realistic Convoy will be taking place. We invite you to join this ITC Convoy.
Enjoy taking part of a relaxing, peaceful and breathtaking trip across multiple regions in the United States.

Important information regarding the road rules of the convoy are below.

Realistic Convoy Rules & Guidelines

During the convoy, you must follow the standard Convoy Rules along with extra rules for added realism.

All verbal communications will be done via in-game CB Radio. Non verbal communications via Discord or In-game chat.

You must be attentive while driving, and use common sense. Watch for speed changes, turns, etc.

Throughout the convoy we will be following the road rules meticulously.

Convoy Information:

More detailed information is available on our Discord Server

  • Meeting Location: Page, Arizona – HMS Machinery
  • Cargo: [1st Trees], [2nd Generator Set], [3rd Log Stacker]
Meeting Location & Pickup Point Image

Convoy Requirements:

  • A single 48FT – 53FT Flatbed or Drop Deck Trailer with no more than 3 axles.


Any trailer configuration larger than the aforementioned type. E.g. Doubles, Triples, etc.

Overtaking/Passing a convoy participant, without permission from a CO.

Save editing or game modification beyond the default parameters.

Disregarding Road Rules is strictly prohibited & will result in you being removed.

External Mods Required:

Pinga W900
Doms Pete 379 (Input 0$ for download)
Mack R series (R700)
Mack Superliner
Caterpillar C Series
90s Corporation Truck
Outlaw 359

7 Zip is needed to extract the .rar files into a folder turning them into .scs files (Required Step).

We look forward to seeing you at the convoy this weekend!


I am Cargran. A hard-working dedicated member of the community who oversees all operations and keeps things in order, while having fun at the same time.


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