The guidelines that keep ITC on its wheels.

Discord Rules:

  1. No Swearing No Inappropriate content including videos, memes, games, etc. The server is PG
  2. No caps, Zalgo, Malicious activity/planning of any sort, No malicious links or violent references.
  3. Be Kind to others and they will to you… No insults, negativity and asking personal questions.
  4. No Ads Including Servers and inviting people from here, Links, Videos, And more
  5. No Spamming, no @everyone, @here or pinging staff.
  6. This discord is English only.
  7. Always listen to staff. Do not ask/interfere with staff matters.
  8. This discord does not approve of pirating games or anything illegal, do not discuss or plan anything of the sort.
  9. Do not advertise any other VTC, talk about or discuss.
  10. Make sure that you help build & grow the ITC, (ex set your status, tell all your friends & share discord link)
  11. Do not ask for money, trading accounts, buying games, etc.
  12. No Screaming, loud music, or sound in the Voice Chats.
  13. And most importantly have fun, (within the rules)!
    Thank you all for your understanding of our policy
    These rules apply to VC (Voice Chat) as well.
    These rules are subject to change at any time. :peace: :white_check_mark: