Throughout the many years of trucking, a unique language has been developed. The dialect between truckers has mainly been developed in the last 70-80 years. As we talked about in our Trucking CB Radio Codes article, the peak of Citizens Band (CB) Radio usage was in the 1970s. During the 1970s many shows and movies were created around the Trucking/CB Radio boom. Sadly, as the 2000s approached CB Radios and communication between truckers dwindled. Especially when the “Mega Carriers” started monopolizing the trucking industry, squeezing out the Owner Operators/Independents. Besides the loss of a great day and age, it created uncertainty, and accident rates shot up. The inability to easily and quickly communicate with fellow drivers around you was a large problem. Drivers couldn’t warn others of accidents, harsh weather conditions, traffic jams, and so many other things. Therefore the roads became more dangerous.

Here is some of the the common trucker lingo. NOTE: This list isn’t complete, we are working hard to finish the list.

Trucker Lingo For Cities

Trucker Lingo Meaning - Explanation
AlligatorBlown Tire In The Road
Antler AlleyDeer Crossing
BearPolice Officer
Bear In The AirPolice In Helicopter
SmokeyPolice Officer
Catch Ya On The Flip FlopSee Ya On The Return Trip
Come BackIf you couldn't hear the last transmission or want the other driver to talk, you can ask for a comeback.