International Trucking Community Rules & Requirements.


1. Make sure you have a discord account.

2. Make sure you have ATS/ETS2

3. Make sure that you have the tag [ITC] International in bright green, in TruckersMP. (TMP not required).

4. Make sure to support the community (ex. Telling friends about the ITC and participating in events).

5. You must be willing to truck at least 2,000mi or 4,000km, (try for 15,000mi+ or 24,000+ km) per month.

6. Once you have joined our company, don’t switch to another one/leave, our group only allows loyal trusted drivers. (Multiple disloyal acts may result in a ban, if you want to come back you are more than welcome to).

7. Observe the traffic and road rules. (During official convoys we have priority to go through red lights, also keeping the convoy flow).

If you don’t meet all of the above requirements ^ send a message to an ITC Recruiter or Advisor on discord!

1. Follow the TruckersMP Rules and Terms of Service

2. Try and stick to the speed limit.

3. No trolling, spamming, ramming, racism, etc.

4. Be kind to others, and they will listen to you… do not bring people down or insult them.

5. No Advertising other VTCs.

6. Never discuss or plan any form of illegal activities, never threaten anyone.

7. Most importantly have fun trucking!

Thank you all for your understanding of our policy